References in your area are available upon request! Take a look at what some of our customers have said about us.

I have P + P cleaning my 4-bed 4-bath home every couple of weeks. I’m not usually home when they’re there, but am always happy to arrive to a freshly cleaned house.  No complaints!

Melanie in Hoggs Hollow


I used to have a live-in nanny but when my children went to high school I had no need for the full time help… I saw Fernanda’s car parked at my neighbor’s house across the road from me. I’ve been with Portuguese and Polish Cleaners since – the ladies are great and never disappoint.


I’ve had quite a few bad experiences with cleaning companies before – I won’t name names but if you’ve had a maid service for some time like myself, you’ve probably tried a few and experienced the same. I can say that I am very pleased with Portuguese Cleaning Ladies and would recommend the company to my friends and family.

When Fernanda asked me to write some commentary on her service, I wasn’t sure what exactly to write to communicate to people browsing her website the level of thoroughness with which her ladies clean my home. After all, it’s not as much about the company itself as it is the cleaning ladies you get. These girls have been with the company for years and know what they’re doing, so I don’t have to tell them much. I can only say positive things!

– Susan


Couldn’t be happier with the service. I’ve got two small children and a dog – definitely not enough time to do it all myself. They’re always on time, I usually get the same cleaning girls, and by now they know what to do in my home. Low maintenance – the way a cleaning company should be!

– Judy, lytton blvd


Probably the most thorough maid service I’ve hired. Most other companies whiz in and out of my home like a tornado. I renovate and sell houses, so I’m always moving around. Just a shame they’re not out in Mississauga..



Fernanda’s great. Myself and a few of my friends have used the service for a while, and we’ve been quite pleased. I have them for six hours a week and in that time they can get through most of my home (3,100 sq ft). Prices are reasonable compared to the bigger companies, and they do a much better job – she actually cares about keeping her clients happy. If you’re looking around and are on the fence, I would definitely recommend giving Portuguese and Polish a call.

Jennifer — Roehampton


A co-worker referred me to Potuguese + Polish when I was moving into my new home. I was previously with a cleaning service in Woodbridge that didn’t come down to Toronto, so I needed to find a company that could service my house regularly. I was very happy with the company, mainly because there were no gimmicks, no hassles, and no confusion, and they cleaned exceptionally well.

I find that in most cases cleaning companies try to over-complicate things with cleaning packages, discounts, special rates, and a whole host of other nonsense. Fernanda charges by the hour, her ladies focus on the high priority area, and they use whatever products I have set out for them. Definitely my kind of hassle free company that just does things properly and that I don’t have to worry about.

Stefan from Leaside


Hello!  My house was less than spic-and-span, and you gave it a great scrub down. I noticed you even tackled the picture frame tops. Impressed! What else can I say? Will definitely use you again!