Construction is stressful, and the last thing you need to worry about is cleaning. We’re here to take a load off and make sure that you have one less thing to think about, one less thing to deal with. We’ve worked with everyone involved in the construction process, to help them with their cleaning needs, and we’ve cleaned homes at all stages of construction.

If you’ve ever been through a renovation, you know that your biggest enemy is dust! Long after the contractors have gone, you’ll notice a thin film of dust collecting on all of your surfaces. This is inevitably left over from the drywall plastering and sanding, the hardwood cutting and fitting, and the finish carpentry work.

If you are living in your home during the construction process, we can help you maintain a quality level of cleanliness so your family can remain in your home during the process. If you are moving in afterwards, we can help you get your home ready to be lived in again!

Staging & Showings

We’ve worked with a number of real estate agents and home stagers across Toronto. By now, you know that appearance sells, and a big portion of the appearance is whether viewers perceive the house as being fresh and clean. Whether you’re paying for it out of pocket, or it’s a service that you recommend to your listing clients, it’s worth the investment!

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